art about rainbows and colorful colors!!!!!

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Dana Gordon, Coming to, 2016, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 182.1 x 151.9 cm

Spencer Finch, Color Test (650), 2013 
James Cohan Gallery

Theo Hios  -  Untitled (Tondo)   [acrylic on canvas, 1967]

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Mexico, Gulf Coast, Veracruz, Olmec, 1000-600 B.C. 




Stuxnet no 1

Skywiper no 12, by James Hoff

death is a teacher and you will die just when you think you have a won infinite times

Jennifer Bartlett
Multi-Colored Lines, 2011
enamel over nine baked enamel steel plates
39 x 39 inches

Dan Flavin
untitled (in honor of Harold Joachim) 3, 1977
pink, yellow, blue, and green fluorescent light
8 ft. (244 cm) square across a corner

#5355 by Mark Lovejoy

Hotel of Love the house of grasshoppers by Dale Frank
shattered safety glass in liquid glass on perspex
200 × 150cm

Time Meets Space - Shannon Finley